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The World Is Your Crime Scene (Part I)

We’re starting a brand new, two-part series, The World Is Your Crime Scene. This was inspired by our previous series…

A Taste of Old Hollywood

Because the Hollywood Newshawk series takes place in an actual city (and in a specific time period), I get to…

The World Is Your Movie Set (Part III)

For the final entry in our three-part series, we start in France and then jump all the way to Southern…

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About the Author

Roger AlfordRoger Alford grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars and Jim Henson. After discovering old time radio and movie serials in college, he realized he’d been born in the wrong decade.

An independent author under the imprint of Black Hood Press, Roger has written five novels about The Black Spectre and most recently launched his latest series, Hollywood Newshawk.

When he’s not plotting new mysteries or brushing up on Mafia history, he's traveling the world and eating in amazing restaurants with his wife and family.