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New Title: Veronica Mars – the TV series: Throw Veronica from the Train (Book 2)

Now available exclusively from Amazon via Kindle Worlds: Veronica has just completed the second week of her internship with the FBI…

New Title: The Black Spectre: Ghosts in the Asylum!

Now available exclusively from Amazon: Reporter Vicky Rose wants desperately to move up from City Hall to the crime beat.…

New Title: Veronica Mars – the TV series: There’s No “V” in Team (Book 1)

Now available exclusively from Amazon via Kindle Worlds: After spending a few days in DC on vacation with her father,…

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About the Author

Roger AlfordRoger Alford grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars and Jim Henson. After discovering old time radio and movie serials in college, he realized he’d been born in the wrong decade. 

His Internet videos, which include the popular mash-ups The Twilight Zone: Planet of the Apes and Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Serial, have been featured on ABC News, CNN, Inside Edition, plus multiple books and newspapers.

When he’s not plotting the latest adventures of The Black Spectre or brushing up on Mafia history, he’s traveling the country and eating in great restaurants with his wife and family.