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Ghosts in the Asylum (The Black Spectre Origins, Book 1)

Vicky Rose is a reporter stuck in the City Hall beat, but she knows she’s destined to cover crime. She sees her chance at a big break when the mayor is murdered in his office. (more…)

Veronica Mars: There’s No “V” in Team (Kindle Worlds Novella, Book 1)

Veronica reports in for her 12-week internship at the FBI. When a fellow intern needs help, Veronica is immediately forced to reconsider her old ways. But isn't helping a friend the true meaning of being a team player? (more…)

Veronica Mars: Miss Mars Goes to Washington (Kindle Worlds Novella, Book 3)

Now Available! Just when she thought she was out, the FBI pulls her back in! (more…)

Invitation to Death and Other Thrilling Mysteries (The Black Spectre, Volume I)

Black Hood Press is proud to launch with our very first title, The Black Spectre: Invitation to Death and Other Thrilling Mysteries (Volume I). (more…)

Veronica Mars: Throw Veronica from the Train (Kindle Worlds Novella, Book 2)

Now Available! Veronica has just completed the second week of her internship with the FBI in Quantico, VA. After hopping on the train to New York City for a three-day weekend with Piz, she notices something odd. (more…)

Death is a Silent Intruder and Other Thrilling Mysteries (The Black Spectre, Volume II)

A Murder Only The Black Spectre Could Have Committed (more…)

No Victory Without Scars (The Black Spectre Origins, Book 2)

Available Soon for Pre-Order! A crusading reporter out to prove her worth. A hero in denial about his. (more…)