One Angel Less

One Angel Less (Hollywood Newshawk, Book 2)

NEW RELEASE! Everyone in Hollywood lives for a gold statuette. He was the first to die by one!

Right on the heels of the Irene Faye story, hotshot reporter Tom Miller gets called to the Metropolitan Pictures lot. Where a studio exec has been found dead in his office. Bludgeoned to death with his own Best Director trophy! And wasn’t discovered for nearly four days.

Soon as Miller catches a glimpse of the blood-encrusted corpse, he recognizes the victim immediately: Bigwig director William Wade. But what really has him shaken is something only he knows. Just who was the last person to see Wade alive.

Trudy. Miller’s young, aspiring actress girlfriend. She was in that very office Friday night following her screen test. Before running out in tears, her dress torn, and her dreams crushed. And leaving her fingerprints on the murder weapon!

Worse still, Miller isn’t the only reporter chasing the story. As usual, ravishing rival newshound Flora Mason is hot on the trail. And, true to form, already one step ahead. It will only be a matter of time before both she and the cops know Trudy is connected. And will become their prime suspect!

Miller is dead certain that Trudy is innocent. But what he doesn’t realize is just how hard it will be to prove it. And how far he’ll have to go to save her from the gallows!

One Angel Less┬áis the second book in the Hollywood Newshawk series, detailing the exploits of Tom Miller, hardboiled reporter in 1940s Los Angeles. If you like L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, and Perry Mason (HBO), then you’ll love Roger Alford’s gritty mystery that effortlessly combines new pulp with a classic noir style.

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