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The City Burns at Night

The City Burns at Night

She was just like a high-speed drive down Mulholland. Dangerous and full of curves!

The War over, hotshot reporter Tom Miller trades the frigid battlefields of Northern France for the warm sunshine and bright lights of Hollywood. Now dusting a chair at the Los Angeles Chronicle, Miller is looking to make his bones. He gets his chance after risking life and limb to rescue two endangered tykes from a burning building.

This not only gets him on the front page of every paper in town, but hot on the trail of a mysterious firebug who’s loose in the city. Plus an invitation to a Hollywood soirée at his publisher’s oceanfront Malibu mansion.

After regaling the assembled glitterati with a dramatic recount of his heroics, Miller enters the orbit of two beautiful women who will forever change his life. 

The first is Trudy Wilkes, a young ingenue looking to make her Hollywood dreams of stardom come true. Miller is taken both by her innocence and her industry knowledge, which proves extremely valuable.

The other is Irene Faye, a sizzling, blonde bombshell who’s career has been on the skids since separating from her studio honcho husband. Miller is just as drawn to her, but for completely different reasons.

As Miller works overtime to track down the arsonist and break the story wide open, he finds that Irene may actually hold the key to the whole mystery. As he’s continually pulled deeper into her inescapable orbit, he risks his job and his budding romance with Trudy to dig for the truth.

And maybe even his life.

The City Burns at Night is the first book in the Hollywood Newshawk series, detailing the exploits of Tom Miller, hardboiled reporter in 1940s Los Angeles. If you like L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, and Philip Marlowe, then you’ll love Roger Alford’s gritty mystery that effortlessly combines new pulp with a classic noir style.

Coming soon for paperback!

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