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Veronica Mars: There’s No “V” in Team (Kindle Worlds Novella, Book 1)

A twelve-week internship with the FBI. But can Veronica last a day?

Veronica reports in for her 12-week internship at the FBI. When a fellow intern needs help,┬áVeronica is immediately forced to reconsider her old ways. But isn’t helping a friend the true meaning of being a team player?

As as excited as she is about the program, she feels very guilty about leaving Neptune. Due to Keith’s efforts to keep her out of jail, he lost the election to Vinnie and now faces a possible jail sentence when he returns.

On her very first day, she’s warned by the Assistant Director that the FBI won’t tolerate her usual behavior. Veronica vows to leave her old ways behind and become a true “team player.” But her plans are upended when fellow intern Melanie Phan needs her help to locate a missing FBI laptop. If Melanie doesn’t find it before Monday, she could be kicked out of the program.

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