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Book Category: Black Spectre

Ghosts in the Asylum (The Black Spectre Origins, Book 1)

A feisty reporter looking for her big break. A millionaire recluse looking for a cure. Can they survive a violent, corrupt city?

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No Victory Without Scars (The Black Spectre Origins, Book 2)

A crusading reporter out to prove her worth. A burgeoning hero in denial about his.

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Vengeance Waits at the Door (The Black Spectre Origins, Book 3)

A masked hero fights for his life. An ailing reporter faces uncertain death. Will either live until morning?

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Invitation to Death and Other Thrilling Mysteries (The Black Spectre, Volume I)

Black Hood Press is proud to launch with our very first title, The Black Spectre: Invitation to Death and Other Thrilling Mysteries (Volume I).

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