New Title: The Black Spectre: Ghosts in the Asylum!

Now available exclusively from Amazon:

Reporter Vicky Rose wants desperately to move up from City Hall to the crime beat. When the Mayor of Terminal City is murdered one night in his office, she sees her chance. Even though it smells of a Mob hit, all evidence points to someone else. The only person who can help her get to the truth is reclusive millionaire Brent Gregor, shunned since he was ten when an intruder’s bullets left his father dead, his mother insane, and him in a wheelchair. Gregor refuses to get involved until an old Gypsy woman promises she can help him walk again – but only if he dons the cloak and mask of The Black Spectre and “brings justice to those who have none.”

This is the first full-length Black Spectre novel.

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